Directions from Geneva Airport to Veysonnaz.

  1. On exiting the arrivals hall walk to your right and keep walking to the end of the airport. (You will see the car hire signs)
  2. After checking in at your car hire desk there is a Short bus journey (approx 5 mins) to collect your car.
  3. In your car turn right (one way) and give way to get on to the main road.
  4. Stay in the right hand lane and follow the road round to the right.
  5. The road straightens, stay in the right hand lane until you come to the next junction.
  6. Follow the road round to the right. (Blue sign Toutes directions. White sign Palexpo arena)
  7. The world trade centre is now on your left and you are driving over the motorway bridge. Start to follow signs for Lausanne
  8. At the other side of the bridge you will be turning left. Get into lane. There is a filter lane.
  9. Give way and turn left.
  10. After turning left the road is joined by 2 others on your left. After the second one you need to be in the far left lane. This is the bit I don’t like.
  11. The road splits, you need to follow far left lane(Single lane)
  12. You are on the Motorway. From Car hire to here takes approx 5 minutes.
  13.  Continue on the motorway; all the way follow the signs for Lausanne.
  14. As you get closer to Lausanne you will start to see signs for Gd- St- Bernard and Simplon. Follow these signs .
  15. We sometimes stop at Lavaux Services, great views of Lac Leman
  16. The views of the lake, France and Montreux are good over the next 20 minutes .
  17. Once past Montreux the road flattens out and you will start to see signs for Sion and you will have mountains on both sides.
  18. The road splits again at Martigny as it sweeps left into the Rhone Valley. Follow the signs for Sion.
  19. Turn off the motor way when you see the sign for Sion oust, NENDAZ and An Airport sign
  20. Follow the road round and keep left at the junction, Following the signs for NENDAZ. There is a fighter jet in front of you.
  21. Go straight across the roundabout and cross the bridge over the Rhone. Follow the road sharp left over the bridge and continue until a set of Traffic lights.
  22. Filter right here and follow the road for Nendaz, Veysonnaz. The road starts to climb.
  23. You will go through Turin , Arvillard, Baar, Brigon.
  25.  Continue until reaching Beuson. Take a sharp left for Veysonnaz
  26. Continue up road until reaching the old town of Veysonnaz and follow the signs for the “Télécabine” (sharp right turn).
  27. You are now on the road to the resort, you will pass the Multi story car park and petrol pumps on your left and then come to a sharp left turn. Do Not go round this bend.
  28. Turn right and follow the road. This is the Main Street of the Station.
  29. Follow the street past the small row of shops and a phone box on your right and a bar and supermarket on your left and take a very sharp right turn.
  30. Our apartment is in front of you.